For the love of food

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For the love of food

I love food. I love cooking food for my family and friends. I love seeing their faces, hearing their groans when I have nailed a dish.

Stretching what can be done. Seeing their faces! Oh I live for it!

I love the smell and feel of cooking. I am that crazy person that loves the preparation. Right from the idea of what I am thinking of making through to selection of the ingredients. To the chopping, cutting and cooking. I love tasting it, smelling it, the feel of food.

So much love, so much of your soul goes into cooking. If I have had a hard or busy day, my kids taste it in their food.

Cooking is a solace for me and I prefer not to rush it. Of course most days this is not possible, I am also pragmatic and a realist. Ideally in my perfect world my dish is mindful perfection, my kids love it and we are all satisfied.

I love my inspiration coming from everywhere. From my Grocer and what he has on the shelf, to the discounted fruit in bulk he puts aside for us. From my friends and customers and what they are making, online, my local haunts, the books on my shelf or just something random in my memory. Inspiration comes from smells, memories and something my kids want to cook. An ingredient that I have been waiting to be back in season!

My first memories are of food, my Giagia cooking her spanakopita which she is still doing, this smell is so much a part of my history and I am blessed it is a part of my kids. Everything “from the GAAARRRDEN”

The smell of her fresh caught fish in the pan, simple clean with lemon and oil and salt and that’s it. Her soup, her potatoes in tomato sauce, her sweets and treats, I want them all.

My Mum is an amazing cook. Working hard to provide for us she was busy and focused on filling growing kids fast. And she always fed a crowd. She was amazing with feeding a crowd and from little. I love my Mum and her love of over-catering EVERYTHING.

My Dad loves cooking too and he favours bold flavours and cooking everything from scratch, he is so keen to find out what I am doing right now and what is on my menu.

When I chose to be a Chef and started my training, l didn’t realize I already knew so many techniques. What I learned at college was the French terms for what I already had in my memory bank. How to deglaze a pan was something we did after every roast.

Cooking comes so naturally to me it is something that must be in my history and so much so that it feeds my soul. I can spend the whole day in the kitchen creating one dish after another and only be inspired to create more.

More than anything food to me is the reason we all sit down together and it is something I always focus on the time of day in the morning and of night when we can come together as a family.

I love cooking and am so passionate about sharing this love. I would always prefer to hand over a recipe than handover the dish. Everybody brings their own love to their cooking and this is why they taste unique.

To me empowerment and learning is so much more important and valued than ego or competition around food.

For the love of cooking from me to you!!

For my customers and everyone I talk to, I am mindful that not everyone is like this!!! And it only has been through listening and learning that I have realised this.

So my best piece of advice is if you are someone who does not have a joy of cooking, or does not feel confident in the kitchen, just one thing a day!

Be kind to yourself!

Practice is everything and I do have many fails before I love what I have made. I am my toughest critic.

One thing a day may mean boiling an egg, making a smoothie, maybe dinner, maybe a sauce, making one thing a day makes it a habit and then it becomes a behaviour and then all of a sudden you cannot imagine buying it when you can make it!!

Please know I am more than happy to answer your food/Thermomix/cooking questions and please feel free to contact me if you do have questions.

The beauty of using the Thermomix is that it is very forgiving (Often more so than my family) and honestly, this product has changed my life in many ways including the opportunity of a career.

I am very thankful for my little white box on my bench.

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