Like water through my fingers

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Like water through my fingers

I practice yoga.

I love the Zen feeling that comes over me after yoga, and it makes me feel like anything is possible. Hot Yoga is a soulful sweat-fest.

The cleansing ritual of sweating out toxins can be full on. It can be emotional release; challenging, spiritual, it can be realization or contemplation.

I love yoga, the poses, and some tough, some graceful. I am so happy to find joy, in falling or the challenge of the pose. The teacher will speak a passage, or a reflection and it always seem to be the perfect thing for me on that day.

Today was this beauty –

“The less we buy into our set version of how things should be, the more we can be available to things as they are. When we are able to do this, our lives are not a battle, but a playground for us to enjoy.” Lodro Rinze

“Living in the moment, instead of believing past stories or worrying about the future prohibits a playful spirit.”

I loved this. I loved this so much!

All of a sudden all of the chatter in my mind was quiet.

I was contemplating what was just spoken. Brought directly into that present moment. I asked if I can get a copy of it and was reading and re reading over my coffee.

How often have we focused on what something is supposed to look like, a job, and relationship a conversation and been disappointed as we were not understood? What if the way things fell or happened was as it was exactly supposed to be?

All of the internal fights had being frustrated at a partner or coworker only to now think that things have happened how they were destined too. Just being available to this as the way things are.

Rushing to get somewhere, only that due to circumstances, you run into an old friend. A reconnection that was meant to be. Hesitantly shutting a door and immediately another opens with more opportunity.

This has been a year of growth, and stretch and knock down and rebuild for me, with this has come the challenge of finding out who I am.

How do I want to model a modern woman for my girls?

What do I want my life to look like?

What is important to me?

Am I at peace with how my life looks right now or am I rushing to the destination without seeing the path?

I am seeing the joy in the moment.

I am seeing the joy in each moment and feeling blessed that it has happened.

I am not forcing or projecting my feelings onto another but trying for the first time to just let it happen.

I am so so thankful for my life, my path and my choices and know in my heart and mind they have been perfectly right for me.

The absolute freedom, which has come with this realization, has been huge and I know that it will be a conscious thought I would focus on, though mindfulness each day has led to this.

My practice with yoga is something that is for me. Each practice I dedicate to myself, for I must feed myself first. I am a better version of myself when I have had this time for me.

Jumping in the ocean, walking with Tiger, coffee, yoga, laughing, sleeping, eating well are things in my daily life that nourish my body and my soul. This is so important for me to model to my girls so they see the value in this time for themselves.

Some days I am lucky to achieve all of them, other days it may only be one or two. This is kindness to myself and to be grateful for what just is.

Right now at this moment there is joy and love in my heart…

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